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Yellow Angrakha

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New Arrivals

Rediscover Lucknow

In 1528, the Mughal Sultanate conquered and formally incorporated Awadh as one of its constituent provinces. In due course, with the decline of Mughal power, the Nawab-Wazirs of Awadh began to assert their independence. After the East India Company appropriated half of Awadh as indemnity, the then Nawab, Asaf -ud Daula, moved his capital to the city of Lucknow in 1775. This move resulted in the blossoming of the city and its distinctive culture - known as Lucknowi (or Lakhnavi) tehzeeb.

Even today, we hear legendary tales of the life and beauty of this plush, vibrant city that was known for its sprawling gardens, enticing orchards and magnificent palaces. The rich and flamboyant 'Pehle Aap' culture, the havelis and their once-grandiose occupants, the city’s chequered history of distinct Awadhi cuisine, the delicate artistry of chikankari, the legendary courtesans and the defiant voice of the rekhti – it’s time to rediscover the magic of Lucknow!

The name 'Chikan' has been derived from the Persian word 'Chikan' or 'Chikeen', meaning a kind of cloth wrought with needle work. Dexterous hands painstakingly craft each weave. For us each piece is unique and close to our heart.

We focus on wearable, bespoke clothes that are comfortable and chic.