Nargis - Ethnic Full Sets

Nargis | नर्गिस | نرگس
उस की आँखों के अगर वस्फ़ रक़म कीजिएगा
शाख़-ए-नर्गिस को क़लम कर के क़लम कीजिएगा
- इश्क़ औरंगाबादी
Our love for classics knows no boundaries. With Nargis, we bring to you a new chapter, a marriage of imperishable designs with cultural elegance.
Taking inspiration from Awadhi architecture with floral designs, this exquisite collection of full sets, comes laden with finesse, regal motifs and intricate hand embroidery, echoing of a finer era and making sure that we stay true to our roots.
Each creation is handcrafted in-house and we are ecstatic to introduce this as our latest endeavor.

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