Ta'abeer - Bottom Wear

एक ख्वाब ने जो आँखें खोली हैं,
उस ख्वाब की ये ताबीर है,
ख्वाब मेरा, मुसव्विर भी मैं,
इस नयी तस्वीर का रंग भी मैं
Drawing inspiration from the endless well of Lucknowi charm, beauty and culture,
this collection gave us a chance to go back to our roots.
With each beautiful creation in Ta'abeer,
we dreamt of pushing the envelope in creating unique,
pieces that translate between traditional and modern aesthetics
and appeal to the women of today.
It takes you to a place where beauty, intricacy and simplicity meet.
Ta'abeer is the perfect amalgamation of our dream to bring to you the elegance and grandeur of simple bottom wear.
We at Pakeeza have always believed that this collection incorporates all our signature elements.

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