When do you call a man a Nawab نواب in the modern era?
They say a man is known by the shoes he wears.
At Pakeeza, we believe in raising the bar.
It's not just the shoes, you see, it's a blend of the clothes that he chooses to don,
the way he treats the people he knows (and those he doesn't)
and the manner in which his actions affirm the words he utters.
Here's presenting Nawab, Ethnic Apparel for Men,
clothes that add that vintage touch for your man; our ode to the modern Nawab!
हूँ फ़कीर मैं, अबरार मैं, अनकहा इकरार मैं
अस्हाब हूँ , अस्बाब हूँ, शादाब हूँ - मैं नवाब हूँ

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